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As an independent podcast producer in Paris, I help my clients navigate the podcast world in France, where the audio boom has only just begun.

As an independent podcast producer in Paris, I've helped my clients navigate the podcast world in France, where the audio boom has only just begun. From the personal journal narrative that is Dinner for One, to the often unexpected revelations in interviews with top chefs in A Poêle, the podcasts I've produced have received attention in both the francophone and anglophone press, including ELLE magazine, Slate and RFI. Curious? Have a listen.


A Poêle 

"C'est le podcast qui met les chefs à nu" À Poêle IS a french gastronomy podcast hosted by Julie Gerbet. The concept is simple: Julie interviews chefs, cooks and restaurateurs across the city of lights to learn more about who they really are and what drives them. consulting and production for host and "Le Fooding" Journalist Julie Gerbet. Episodes available on Itunes and à


Dinner for One

a podcast about the healing power of food. After a breakup this New Yorker-turned-Parisian decided to stick around and get used to making dinner for one à la française. Production AND CREATIVE DIRECTION for host, Sutanya Dacres. Episodes available on itunes and on

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Girl Meets Glass

This podcast hosted by Tanisha Townsend, of the swirl suite, explores what’s behind your favorite drinks, starting with champagne. PILOT pRODUCTION, SOUND DESIGN AND CREATIVE DIRECTION FOR GIRL MEETS GLASS, A CHAMPAGNE TOUR COMPANY BASED IN PARIS, FRANCE. More on

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Benvenuti au Caffè Torino

tHIS BRANDED PODCAST BY BACARDI MARTINI FRANCE GOES BEHIND THE SCENES AT cAFFe torino, a pop-up vermuteria DEDICATED TO THE ART OF THE ITALIAN APERITIVO in central paris. VOICE, Production AND creative direction for Martini. Episodes available on itunes and


ExExpat le Podcast

exEXPAT LE PODCAST DOCUMENTS THE EXPERIENCES OF FRENCH EXPATS WHO RETURN TO THEIR HOME COUNTRY TO BECOME EX-EXPATS. hOST maRJORIE murphy COVERS THE shock of coming home, finding work and how it feels to become "french" again after years away. Production and creative direction in partnership with marjorie murphy. Episodes available on itunes and


Serial Culture

Serial culture explores the blended backgrounds of Paris' residentS, hosted by lory martinez. Production and creative direction for Les Raconteuses, a collective of podcasts dedicated to building cultural bridges through storytelling. Episodes available on ITUNES and


The New Paris Podcast

The New Paris podcast with hosts Lindsey Tramuta and Alice Cavanaugh. The show discusses the nuances of a Paris in transition and is based on Tramuta's book of the same name. consulting and Production for Lindsey Tramuta's "The New Paris. CuRRENTLY BROADCASTING VIA WOLRDRADIOPARIS.COM

and more....

During my 9 year career in audio, I’ve also done single-episode production and reporting for podcasts and radio in the UK, France and in the US. Here is a sampling of some of my favorite pieces.

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